POS Software for Restaurants

If you have a restaurant, Foodeo is the best POS program to manage it efficiently

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La mejor solución para digitalizar tu restaurante

En Foodeo tenemos un software ajustado a las necesidades de tu restaurante, podrás gestionar todo tu negocio de una forma mucho más ágil, gracias a tu nuestro software TPV y APP.

Software POS management for hospitality

all in 1 software

Thanks to Foodeo you can manage your restaurant from a single place .

Automates all manual tasks and speeds up time in both bar as in kitchen.

Possibility to configure multiple touch screens or printers and divide the category orders.

Analyze your advanced reports with statistics and history of the sales, cash closures, history of products sold, etc.

Why is Foodeo the best POS program for restaurants?

1. Allows delivery and pick-up orders.
2. You can order menus, with first course, second course, dessert, etc.
3. Customers can place the order themselves from the app, to speed up work in the kitchen and bar. Find out how much money you can save with our app.
4. We solve any technical or functional problem for you.
5. Configure the menu yourself with the categories and products adapted to your restaurant.
6. Manage your entire restaurant from the administration panel.
7. Unlimited commanders for all your employees.
8. Allows you to make reservations with different options.
9. Build customer loyalty with our points system.

Allow your customers to reserve a table at your restaurant, see the menu and even place an order

At Foodeo we offer you the possibility for customers to order, make a reservation or see the menu

For this we have 3 options:
1. Have a personalized website for the public accessible through a QR code.
2. Have a customized app on Google Play or the App Store.
3. Add your business to the Foodeo app.

What do we offer?

You have at your disposal all the necessary tools for a hospitality business in a single system
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Hospitality POS

Manage your hospitality business from a single system, create your own employees and grant them the permissions you consider.

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Thanks to the help of the hospitality commanders, speeds up the service without having to to sing the command in the kitchen.

home delivery


Have control of all your business billing from any place and at any time.

reservations in app

Reservation System

Allows clients to reserve a table and manage your reservations with our reservation module.


Stock Control

Be in control of your warehouse and schedule alerts when you're low on stock.

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Digital Card

Customers can view the digital card and place orders at through your mobile, scanning the QR code of the table (See demo menu).< /p>

home delivery

At home

Allows orders to be delivered or picked up at your store, Print the order ticket in the kitchen or at the bar.

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Custom Website

Improve your image and the user experience with our website to restaurants (See web demo).

With Foodeo you have everything you need of a hospitality program for restaurants

Thanks to how easy and intuitive it is to use Foodeo software, you will be able to improve your internal processes and business efficiency.

You can have as many terminals as you need, both POS terminals and commanders.

Work with your own mobile phones as commanders by downloading our Foodeo app in the Google Play markets for Android and the App Store for iOS

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Improve your sales thanks to the advanced reports of our software

tpv for restaurants

Generate and view quick reports in real time thanks to Foodeo's advanced reports.

Analyzes all order sales and closed tables in a specific period of time.< /p>

Learn which are the most and least sold products by category.

Discover the orders that the waiters have placed, as well as the closed or invalidated tables.< /p>

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Dashboard of employees

Manage your employees from the Foodeo employee panel

Create your new employees yourself and have them start working with the commander or POS program

Apply the permissions you consider to each employee, limiting the desired functions.

Delete employees who are no longer part of your staff.

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Is hiring a POS software for restaurants a good investment?

Digitizing your restaurant is possibly one of the best investments you can make in a hospitality business. Help you get the benefits of Technology is essential if you want to have a competitive and profitable business.

Restaurants that choose to contract a POS program for their restaurant are more agile in service and have better customer service, therefore which does not take long to be reflected in the billing.

That a customer leaves your restaurant satisfied is a sign of good work and good organizational management. If, on the contrary, you take a long time to attend to it, in taking the dishes or the same ticket from the account. This will lead to the client getting angry and not coming back. Plus you can leave a bad valuation in the service that affects your business.

Can I create the menu at the Foodeo POS?

One of the first tasks that you must carry out when you have your POS for restaurants is to create the menu card. With Foodeo you have it very easy, since if you send us the letter in excel format, we will upload it automatically.

If you still don't have the menu, don't worry, because from the Foodeo administration panel it's very simple to create the products. You only have to go to the products section, click on "Add Product" and indicate the product name, price and category to which corresponds. Optionally, you can add the product description in several languages, images and allergens.

If you are going to offer a digital menu to customers, we remind you that you can have it with Foodeo fully synchronized with your system. You should have images for all your products, since a image is worth a thousand words, and even more when it comes to food. Since there are many people who eat with their eyes In fact, everyone may want a dish more because of the way it looks. So from Foodeo we recommend that you spend some time taking quality photos for the products in your digital menu.


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