Software TPV and App for burgers

If you have a Hamburger, try Foodeo, the best tool to grow your business

Customized Management Software for Burger Joints

At Foodeo, we have software tailored to the needs of your burger joint. You can manage your entire business more efficiently with our hospitality POS software and our app, which can be used by both customers and waitstaff as order pads. Use our hospitality software for management and focus on cooking the best burgers.

Customize your burger menu with special and personalized touches using categories and products.

Unify all the services in a single software

With our hospitality software, you can manage your burger joint from a single place, allowing you to take orders from customers, track your business sales, manage staff by granting necessary permissions to each employee, and much more.

You can also access it from anywhere, as everything is connected through the internet with maximum security.

Advantages of using our hospitality management program for your burger joint

1. Allows for orders for pickup and delivery
2. Orders can be customized with various burger ingredients
3. Additional options such as drinks, sauces, fries, and anything you can think of can be added
4. Customers can place orders themselves through the app, saving money on staff and streamlining kitchen work
5. Any technical issues can be directly addressed with us
6. Customize your menu with categories and products tailored for the burger joint
7. Affordable software cost
8. Allows for the creation of zones and tables according to your preferences

What we offer?

You have at your disposal all the necessary tools for a hospitality business.
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TPV Hospitality

Manage your hospitality business from a single system, create your own employees and grant the permissions you consider.

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Thanks to the hospitaly commanders, speeds up the service without having to sing the order in the kitchen.

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Have control of all your business billing from any place and at any time.

reservas en app

Bookings system

Allows clients to reserve a table and manage your reservations with our reservation module.


Stock management

Be in control of your warehouse and schedule alerts when you're low on stock.

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Digital Menu

The customers can see the digital menu and make orders through your mobile, scanning the QR code of the table (Whatch demo).

home delivery


Allows orders to be delivered or picked up at your store, Print the order ticket in the kitchen or at the bar.

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Kitchen screen

Manage all kitchen orders digitally. See all the same products, cross out left dishes and much more.


$ 38,35/month

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