The best software for Fast Food restaurants

If you have a Fast Food restaurant, Foodeo is one of the best software to improve business management

The best program for your Fast Food restaurant

At Foodeo we have software tailored to the needs of your fast food restaurant, you will be able to manage your entire business in a much more agile way, thanks to our POS software and APP.

The software you need for your fast food business

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We have the best POS software for your fast food at the best price. Take advantage of Foodeo's technology to digitize your fast food business and improve the performance and efficiency of management processes.

Avoid human errors thanks to our software, there are already many customers who trust Foodeo and have experienced a considerable increase in profit margins thanks to our POS software.

Advantages of using our hospitality software for your Fast Food restaurant

1. Delivery and Take away: Allows you to place orders at home and to pick up
2. Combined and added: You can order multiple combinations
3. Comanderos: The use of comanderos will help to manage the restaurant without wasting time taking the orders to the bar
4. Self-order: Customers can place the order themselves from the app, to save staff costs and speed up the work in preparing the order
5. Technical service: Any technical problem you can consult with us directly
6. Custom products: Set up your menu with categories and products adapted to fast food restaurants, such as the possibility of creating menus and combos with different products
7. Validated software: There are already many fast food restaurants that use Foodeo
8. Low cost: Reduced cost of software


$ 38,35/month

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