POS and APP software for hospitality

Digitize your business with the help of our POS software for hospitality, digital letter, web reservations, stock management, commanders and much more
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Discover the latest in software POS for hospitality

Foodeo is not just a program, it is a set of solutions designed to make life easier for hospitality business owners. We turn your business into a modern place with state-of-the-art technology, that customers will appreciate for the efficiency of your service. We offer a wide variety of functionalities and hospitality services.

Perfect for your team

Manage your work team effectively, automate staff tasks freeing them from their workload so they can provide a good service and better customer service.

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What we offer?

You have at your disposal all the necessary tools for a hospitality business.
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TPV Hospitality

Manage your hospitality business from a single system, create your own employees and grant the permissions you consider.

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Thanks to the hospitaly commanders, speeds up the service without having to sing the order in the kitchen.

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Have control of all your business billing from any place and at any time.

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Bookings system

Allows clients to reserve a table and manage your reservations with our reservation module.


Stock management

Be in control of your warehouse and schedule alerts when you're low on stock.

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Digital Menu

The customers can see the digital menu and make orders through your mobile, scanning the QR code of the table (Whatch demo).

home delivery


Allows orders to be delivered or picked up at your store, Print the order ticket in the kitchen or at the bar.

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Kitchen screen

Manage all kitchen orders digitally. See all the same products, cross out left dishes and much more.

Why us?

Speed up the service and save money and worries thanks to our hospitality software
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Easy and intuitive

Our POSS software is very easy to use, in a few minutes anyone can learn to use it.

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We are with you

We accompany you at all times, you will have an agent to help you with everything you need and without added costs.

Discover who we are
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Without permanence

Choose your monthly plan and stay with us, but without permanence. We want that you be with us freely, not with ties.

Specific plans for you

Solutions for all types of hospitality businesses

We adapt to you, we are specialized in hospitality business

Hospitality POS easy to use

Friendly and intuitive interface

Our software is very intuitive, the interface of the program is very friendly and anyone it is capable of modifying any item on the menu or adding dishes to a table in a matter of seconds.

The fact that our POS is very easy to use is not a reason to do without a support specialized, therefore you will have the Foodeo team to answer any questions you may have instantly.

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Advanced sales reports

You can make use of Foodeo's advanced reports with any of our plans.

Improve your sales thanks to Foodeo's advanced sales reports.

Get all sales for a specific period of time or identify which are the best-selling products by category.

Comanderos for restaurants on any device

Thanks to the Foodeo app, you can place orders directly from any mobile device or tablet, whether Android, iOS or Windows.

Effectively manage orders, expedite times allowing the waiter not to Go to the kitchen, leave the command and focus on customer service. Read more

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Never before has so much been given for so little. Visit our plans and choose the option that best suits your needs.


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Download the app in your smartphone

Test the app as a customer or contact us to get a free access as a waiter

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Tecnological partners

We integrate with various hospitality management tools so that you are up to date with new technological advances. software tpv integrations
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